Sustainability is no longer an option, it is essential. Let's work together to make this a reality!

Keep it simple with a centralized and robust database that integrates ESG data from internal sources and third-party providers. Data collection is easy with an easy-to-use interface and options to input or import data directly into the application. Stakeholders can collaborate on data input, review, and approval.

Know where you are with data visualization and metrics that monitor ESG performance through dashboards and help you make smart decisions. Get insights into the issues that affect your organization's performance and prioritize them for further action. Predictive scenario analysis can help you track current-year performance and set ESG targets.

Keep it connected with supplier due diligence that identifies, assesses, and monitors suppliers for risks related to human rights and the environment. Stabilize your organization's supply chain through an inbuilt supplier intelligence unit. Consolidate supplier data using customizable questionnaires and generate supply chain due diligence reports.

Keep it transparent with ESG disclosure that generates reports using multiple reporting frameworks and standards like GRI, TCFD, SASB, CSRD, and more. Customize reports based on your organizational needs and share them with external stakeholders, investors, and the public. Auto-publish ESG disclosure on your company website with a single click!

Relax, your data is safe! We can assure you that your data will not be compromised. We use the following measures to safeguard your precious data:


Data encryption protocols

monitoring (1)

Real-time database monitoring


Frequent data backups


Virtual private cloud for your organization


Dedicated Corporate Cloud on request for increased security, improved resource utilization, and flexibility