What is RegWatch?

RegWatch is a regulatory monitoring and compliance management tool.

It helps identify potential risks and supports risk mitigation through proactive measures.

It streamlines the process of monitoring and analyzing regulatory changes, saving time and resources.

It facilitates compliance documentation for audits and regulatory reporting.

It provides a competitive advantage by enabling businesses to adapt to new regulations before competitors.

Why RegWatch?

To stay ahead of regulatory changes that can provide a competitive advantage to your business.

Regulatory compliance documentation

Optimizes regulatory changes

Identifying potential risks

Valuable insights to the market

Avoiding penalties

How does Horiaki help?

Utilizing automated tools to monitor and gain real-time visibility into regulatory changes.

Evaluating the impact of existing and new legislation at an early stage.

It streamlines the process of moniProviding a comprehensive solution for all your compliance needs, including IMDS, CM, REACH, RoHS, prop65, SCIP, and more.toring and analyzing regulatory changes, saving time and resources.

Identifying the specific regulations applicable to your industry or domain.

Distinguishing regulations between different regions within a country using zip codes.

Offering actionable insights to ensure the compliance status of your products.

Our team of experts diligently monitors and analyzes legal requirements, delivering timely updates.

Regulatory watch refers to the ongoing process of monitoring, analyzing, and staying informed about regulatory changes, updates, and developments that impact a specific industry or business.

Regulatory watch enables you to proactively identify and mitigate the impact of regulations on your product. It serves as a guiding compass, helping you navigate the regulatory landscape and successfully launch your product in specific regions while ensuring compliance.

Horiaki will diligently monitor regulatory updates relevant to your product and deliver the latest information in a user-friendly format. We keep track of changing regulations, ensuring you stay informed and equipped with comprehensive updates tailored to your needs.

Failure to comply with regulations for their products may result in manufacturers facing penalties imposed by the government.

The following aspects are relevant to our products and the criteria for selection: the general topic, the geographical scope, and the file template for notifying any updates, if applicable.