Nylon Drain Testing Plugs

Horiaki India Private Limited is a trusted brand of Nylon Testing Plugs in India. We offer premium quality Nylon Drain Testing Plugs that are manufactured using pre mium quality raw materials of Nylon. We also manufacture this drain testing plugs in materials like HDPE, MDPE, Aluminium, steel as per customer’s specified requirement. We also offer steel test plug double seal, aluminium double seal test plug, multi-lock steel test plugs, End of pipe testing/sealing plugs

We use latest technology in the production process that allows us to customize the products in terms of composition of production raw materials as well as the overall design of the Mechanical stoppers Drain Testing Plugs. Furthermore, we place utmost importance on quality and therefore subject these Mechanical stoppers Drain Testing Plugs to strict quality checks at multiple points to ensure that the final product is free from any flaws or errors. Our product has been widely appreciated by clients and they have bestowed us with the tag of being one of the paramount Nylon Drain Testing Plugs Manufacturers in India.

Model Size Expansion Range Pressure
psi bar
NYL01 0.5" 12-16 mm 100-150* 7-10*
NYL02 0.75" 18-24 mm 150* 10*
NYL03 1.00" 23-32 mm 130* 9*
NYL04 1.25" 31-42 mm 70* 5*
NYL05 1.5" 37-54 mm 60* 4*
Hollow Shaft Plugs
With 10 mm BSP threaded waterway
Model Size Expansion Range Pressure
psi bar
NYL01-1 0.5" 12-16 mm 100-150* 7-10*
NYL02-1 0.75" 18-24 mm 150* 10*
NYL03-1 1.00" 23-32 mm 130* 9*
NYL04-1 1.25" 31-42 mm 70* 5*
NYL05-1 1.5" 37-54 mm 60* 4*
With 1/2" BSP threaded Waterway
Model Size Expansion Range Pressure
psi bar
NYL06 2.00" 48-65 mm 18-50* 1.2-3.4*
NYL07 2.50" 60-77 mm 34.5* 2.3*
NYL08 3.00" 70-87 mm 15* 1.0*
NYL09 3.50" 83-97 mm - -
NYL10 4.00" 95-110 mm 15* 1.0*
NYL11 4.50" 114-130 mm - -
NYL 12 5.00" 121-142 mm 12* 0.8*
NYL13 6.00" 148-165 mm 10* 0.6*


They are in normal usage for plumbing operations in a wide variety of industries, including domestic and industrial water and drainage systems. Also for ducting and conduit, plastic pipe bending, swimming pools, masking in painting and casting industries and many others.As can be seen from the sectioned view, the unique assembly of the central waterway into the base plate via a snap taper fit and “0” ring seal provides a positive water and air tight joint. The provision of a friction reducing acetal copolymer thrust washer inserted between the wing nut and top plate facilitates easy expansion and release.
Sizes available are for pipe bore sizes. These plugs conform to ISO Standards for low pressure testing and sealing of pipes.


They are slightly less efficient at the extreme higher limits of expansion than in the middle and lower ranges

Pressure testing depends upon the cleanliness and condition of the pipe bore

Nitrile, silicone and viton rubber seals to resist different chemicals and higher temperatures are available from stock as accessories

Operators using air or other gases to make leak tests must take the appropriate precautions

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